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AlJawhara started in 1996, its business as an individual activity in trading detergents and chemicals. It was established with limited responsibilities in manufacturing cleansing detergent and chemical and It’s headquartered in Misrata – Libya.


We rely on quality to produce the finest products to meet our customer’s needs in hygiene, and to reach along with developments that best achieve current and future ideals in a competitive manner.

Why Us?

We have a highly experienced team who work together hard and sincerely for our customers and always ready to assist at all stages as we look at working together from a partnership perspective, not just to provide a specific service, without ensuring that you succeed in achieving your goals.

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 Sulfonic Acid







Sulfuric acid

Laundry liquid

1 ton

Dishwashing liquid

1 ton

Hand wash liquid

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1 ton


1 ton

Quality and Warranty

The company attaches great importance to quality and health in manufacturing its products to maintain the safety following the requirements of global health and safety, to achieve the company’s mission in providing high-quality and efficient products.

Our Responsibility Towards the Preservation of the Environment:


Preserving the environment is one of the key challenges for the company; we strive to understand exactly how our business activities, products, and services impact on and affect the environment. We follow environmental laws, and have imposed ourselves regularly revised standards to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our vision of the environment.

What Sets Us Apart: makes us stand out


High Quality Products

AlJawhara is concerned with the manufacturing of products with the utmost care where high-quality raw materials are selected.

Customer’s trust

AlJawhara has an experienced and efficient sales team to meet the market and consumer needs and aspirations for product development.

Wide vision

we aim at achieving a complete consumer satisfaction and provide quality for value.